I received my B.Sc. in Mathematics and my Ph.D. in the field of simulation software of molecular mechanics with applications to bioinformatics and electronic structure theory through the study of inter- and intra- molecular forces. I am exhibiting more than 20 years working experience in the field of Information and Communication Technologies including both scientific and commercial research activities and more specific my involvement is related with systems’ design and engineering in the fields of Biomedical Engineering, Health Informatics and Big Data Medical Data processing and analysis. The majority of my scientific, technical and research effort is coming from software engineering applications using some of the most prominent technologies including Oracle Databases, HL7 APIs, Highly-scalable application server deployment, asynchronous event driven frameworks and modern application development frameworks. During the period of my research activities I participated in many publications regarding cardiovascular modelling, health data management and their orchestration in the era of big data handling and analysis. An active field of technical development concerns the design and implementation of co-operative mobile Health-based ecosystems that integrates medical sensors, biosensors with clinical data into the cloud including distributed technologies. The intercommunications between software platforms and medical sensors is an active field of avitivities that are performed with regard to the establishment of big data orchestration and analytics. 

Molecular Mechanics / Multidimensional Non-linear Optimizations

Bioinformatics / 3d Modeling & Computer Graphics

Object Oriented Application Design/Development
Large-scale computer simulations / Application Design & Implementation

C/C++, Application/Web / Java EE (Jakarta EE), JSF, PHP, Java Frameworks (Jersey, Jackson, iText), Spring Boot, React.JS, Maven, Apache NetBeans, Oracle, SQL,Decision Support Systems, Python, ANDROID SDK, REACT NATIVE

Microcontrollers & Mobile Devices Programming / System Integration